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Marley's Pet Planet
San Diego

I came across Marley's Pet Planet when I was walking the Poway farmers market. I was intrigued by their dog treats and started talking with the owner Carla. She was so knowledgable and her passion for ensuring dogs have a healthy yet delicious diet won me over. I bought a bag of treats and let my dog try them and he immediatley loved them. I looked at the ingredients and they looked so good I tried a piece. It tasted really good! Carla then expanded her business making fresh, healthy, home cooked dog food. I have been feeding my dog Marley's Pet Planet dog food and have noticed a major difference in my dog. I am also using her pet shampoo. He has more energy, his fur looks shiny and is smooth to the touch as he has lost weight and is at his perfect weight. His breath also smells better! I highly recommend Marley's Pet Planet! They are not only friendly, they truly care for the well being of your pet! ~ Garnet customer since 2017

Marley's Answer
Garnet, you have been a loyal customer since the first week we launched this company! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We aim to please and make sure our products are safe and healthy! We love you.
San Diego

I have been wanting to write a review for sometime now. I am very excited to tell you about this company, that I don't even know where to begin. I have been a customer since the beginning. Plain and simple: their products are amazing! Owning two Pits with skin and medical issues has been tricky. Lots of time, money and thought goes into what I use and give my dogs. With Marley's Pet Planet products I dont't have to think about what I am using or giving them. I use their shampoo weekly, their ear wipes when I need them, the toothpaste weekly, and finish their adventurs with a biscuit. I have always been a supporter of small businesses, but their isn't a company that I support more then them. Honest, dedicated, loyal. They love and care about my pets as much as I do. Thank you MPP for thinking about my pets when making your products. Customer for life- Janine (The keeper of Elliott and Fiona De Pippo) Customer since 2018

Marley's Answer
Janine, thank you for your trust in us! I have heard you time and time again tell us how much you love our products. You even say, our is the only products that work and work well! We get results! Bless you and thank you.
San Diego

My daughter introduced me to Marley's Pet Planet. She has been feeding her dog the home made fresh food and I noticed a difference in her pup. I began feeding my dog the same food. My dog has had bad allergies for years, chews his paws. He also coughs quite a bit as he is getting older. He is 15 years old now. Carla recommended I use her CBD oil in addition to his food. I tried various other foods, doctor recommended foods and treatments but nothing works as well as Carla's regiment. Since I have used the combo of her food and CBD oil he has stopped coughing and his itching has immensely decreased. He has more energy and runs around and plays like he did when he was a puppy. I would definitely recommend her food and other products! ~ Barbara customer since 2017

Marley's Answer
We are here to serve and be of service to all dogs. We will stick to our high quality standards to continue to get results like yours. Thank you so much for the trust you have given us.
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